STM32Plus and ETL Library

After completing my C++ Beginner course on udemy, i want to put forth my learning on some open source projects (preferably embedded) but was stuck due to sheer complexities in compiling any open source projects

The above two caught my attention and i was able to import the stm32plus project via eclipse and compile it on my windows machine.

the Only prerequisite being – installing the GNU ARM Compilers and adding the binary to the path environment variable.

Also along with the compiled and build the example blink project –  only thing update to the project was the location of stm32plus libarary path.

The Building of the stm32plus library on my Lubuntu machine failed – due to compilatin issue and have raised this issue in thier github project.

Step 1

  1. follow the installation steps –
  2. Compile and Build the example project
  3. Update the Port setting for STM32F103VB Device
  4. Execute the same


  1. Develop a Bootloader project – keeping the open Bootloader Tool project as reference.

More updates to follow

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